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Featured Piece

Feathers and birds began noticing me and I them, around the time of losing loved family members. I started reading about the meaning behind this and began my journey toward recognizing spirit animals and the wisdom in their visits. It has been amazing how accurate, timely and needed these visits have been over the years...

This Feather series is in response to that. The importance of paying attention and being open to guidance and direction wherever it may come.

The Blue Jay- A demanding visitor. The first time I took notice, the squawking was so loud it disturbed my peace and quiet sitting outside. I tried to ignore, but it wouldn't hear of it. When I looked up the meaning, one that particularly applied was "It is letting you know you are doing an excellent job at following your passions and dreams...their boldness teaches us to be brave, stand up to others and be ourselves." Interestingly this was what I was trying to work through in the quiet.

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